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The schedules of the whole program, panels and Ph.D symposium have been updated. Please have a look at the Program page

This conference requires registration, otherwise register online. The registration service is provided by China Computer Federation (CCF) and the link is at Registration page

There is a statistics on accommodation. Please have a check, fill the entries and submit questionnaire! The link is

2021/04/24  The camera-ready submission site has been given and please finish the camera-ready procedure before deadline (2021/04/26). The camera-ready submission site is as follows.!/auth/login?ak=1&pid=u24bOTiqlVV8rbVvwFVzi
There are several matters that need attention during camera-ready submission.

1. As the final paper publication is supported by IEEE CPS (Conference Publishing Service), you may need to sign up an account of IEEE CPS before the camera-ready submission procedure.

2. Pages limitation. The free pages allowed for long papers are less than 8 pages and the pages allowed for short papers are less than 6 pages. Each extra page brings $200.

3. Submission deadline. The camera-ready submission deadline is 26 April 2021. The copyright deadline is also 26 April 2021. The two deadlines are given by IEEE CPS, so it is necessary for authors to submit camera-ready papers and copyright before the deadline time.

4. Paper formatting. Your final papers must be formatted to Manuscript Formatting Guidelines. It is highly recommended that you proofread and check the layout of your paper before submission. The manuscript formatting guidelines can be found in the camera-ready submission system.

5. Copyright release. There is one mandatory step for copyright release through IEEE Electronic Copyright Form System. Please follow the instructions and finish the copyright release.

6. The PDF eXpress service in submission site may fail to use as the conference ID (53362X) may have been ineffective.

7. All authors must be added during the camera-ready submission. It is not allowed that only the corresponding author is added to the camera-ready submission system, and if such a case happens, the camera-ready submission will fail.

8. For other issues not mentioned, please follow the instructions in the camera-ready submission system.

2021/04/20   We are sorry for the delay of camera-ready version submission. We are working closely with IEEE CPS to set the camera-ready submission site. Please wait for a while and keep to notice the later email. Thanks!

2021/04/19   The program for paper session has been published ! Please have a check at Paper Session

2021/04/15   The reviewing process has been finished and the notification email has been sent to corresponding authors. There are the following matters needing attention.

1. Camera-ready paper preparation. For preparing the camera-ready papers, all accepted papers should be formatted following the templates in Please do follow the format of Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings. The length of the accepted paper is limited to 8 pages in double column. If the length of the camera-ready paper exceeds 8 pages in double column, you must downsize or simplify your paper to 8 pages. The deadline for camera-ready paper submission is April 20th, 2021. The submitted site for camera-ready papers will be notified to authors via another email. Please pay attention to the later email.

2. Registration and payment. At least one author from each accepted paper must register and attend the conference to present the paper. Otherwise, the paper will not be published. The payment service is provided by CCF (China Computer Federation) and the payment link can be found at the Registration page of the conference website (

The website of CCF ICSS 2021 is and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. The contact information is given in the Contact page of the conference website (

3. For those papers that are not accepted, the authors are definitely encouraged to register and participate in the CCF ICSS 2021. We also look forward to meeting you at Xi’an, China.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (


International Conference on Service Science (ICSS) is an annual academic event initiated by IBM and directed by the Advisory and Steering Committee on Serviceology in China, and is also one of the top events of service science community in China. ICSS features a unique mix of academic, industrial, and cross-discipline topics, and provides a platform for the presentation and exchange of research results and practical experiences as well as education development on serviceology. ICSS also aims at bridging the perspectives of researchers and the needs of practitioners. The speakers in the conference include many of the leading service science experts from both academia and service industries around the world.

The previous thirteen ICSS events were successfully held at Beijing (2008 and 2009), Hangzhou (2010), Taipei (2011), Shanghai (2012), Shenzhen (2013), Wuxi (2014), Weihai (2015), Chongqing (2016), Xiamen (2017), Shanghai (2018), Tianjin (2019) and Xining (2020, online). Over 120 experts around the world attended each of the ICSS conferences. Following this trend, ICSS 2021 will be held in Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province, which is one of the most beautiful cities of mainland China with lush green parks, natural scenic lakes, small mountains, historical buildings and monuments, and relics.

The CCF 14th International Conference on Service Science (CCF ICSS 2021) aims to bring together scholars and students, researchers and managers of serviceology related areas and industries for intellectual exchanges, research cooperation, education and professional development. CCF ICSS 2021 will offer keynote speeches and several research topics, for inviting presentations of theoretical research findings and case study in service science and its related fields, and also offers excellent networking opportunities to participants, with a wonderful taste of local culture in Xi’an.

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