Paper Session

At least one author from each accepted paper must register and attend the conference to present the submission. Otherwise, the paper will not be published and will be removed from the paper session.


Session 1: Blockchain and AI-inspired services: 11:00~12:00

11:00~11:15 A blockchain-based evidential and secure bulk-commodity supervisory system Junxiong Lin, Yajing Xu, Zhihui Lu, Jie Wu, Houhao Ye, Wenbing Huang and Xuzhao Chen. Jian Cao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
11:15~11:30 Blockchain based Data Sharing for User Experience Driven Slice SLA Guarantee Ke Wang, Bo Yang and Li Su
11:30~11:45 An Intentional Tree based Model for Social Needs Dunlei Rong, Hanchuan Xu, Junrui Tian, Nan Li, Zhiying Tu, Zhongjie Wang and Xiaofei Xu
11:45~12:00 Discussion

Session 2: Business Process Management: 11:00~12:00

11:00~11:15 QoS and Business Association aware based selection of excellent Process Granular Services in Enterprise Wei Tan, Xuan Liu and Yi Chen Pengcheng Zhang, Hohai University
11:15~11:30 Task-oriented Knowledge Representation and Ontology Modeling for Complex Product Design Xinjie Zhou, Guyue Gao, Xinguo Ming and Liya Wang
11:30~11:45 Meta-process: a noval approach for decentralized execution of process Lei Fang, Zhongguo Yang, Shenghui Qin, Mingzhu Zhang, Sikandar Ali and Zhuofeng Zhao
11:45~12:00 The Segmentation and Reconstruction Method of Business Process BPMN under Constraint Conditions Shenghui Qin, Zhuofeng Zhao and Zhongguo Yang


Session 3: Data-based Services 10:40~11:40

10:40~10:55 Summarizing RDF graphs using Node Importance and Query History Jimao Guo and Yi Wang Liang Chen, Sun Yat-sen University
10:55~11:10 Chinese stock market prediction based on multi-feature fusion and TextCNN Shanyan Lai, Hongyu Jiang, Chunyang Ye and Hui Zhou
11:10~11:25 Research of Data Warehouse for Science and Technology Management System Dong Wang, Zhuohao Wang, Chenyang Xu and Piao Wang
11:25~11:40 Event Attention Network for Stock Trend Prediction Hongyu Jiang, Shanyan Lai, Chunyang Ye and Hui Zhou

Session 4: Service Composition and Recommenation 10:40~11:40

10:40~10:55 DeepQSC: a GNN and Attention Mechanism-based Framework for QoS-aware Service Composition Xiao Ren, Liang Bao, Jinqiu Song, Shuai Wang and Rong Cao Chunhong Liu, Henan Normal University
10:55~11:10 Service dependency mining method based on service call chain analysis Yuanyuan Lan, Zhongguo Yang, Lei Fang and Mingzhu Zhang
11:10~11:25 A Neural Network-based Research Performance Service Portfolio Evaluation Model and Its Implementation Chunjuan Zang and Mingjun Xin
11:25~11:40 An Effective Deep Learning Approach for Personalized Advertisement Recommend Chunshan Li and Dianhui Chu

Session 5: Service ecosystem 10:40~11:40

10:40~10:55 Innovative medical instruments data platform and service ecosystem construction Lei Wang, Kun Han, Qing Qian, Qiang Zhang, Jishuai Wang and Wenbo Cheng Wuhui Chen, Sun Yat-sen University
10:55~11:10 Quality Monitoring and Measuring for Internet of Services Cheng Pan, Hanchuan Xu, Weifeng Li, Zhiying Tu, Xiaofei Xu and Zhongjie Wang
11:10~11:25 BERT for Sentiment Classification in Software Engineering Junfang Wu, Chunyang Ye and Hui Zhou
11:25~11:40 Discussion